The deep aspiration to never ever be angry again no matter what people say, do, to us or with us. I think Amal is no fool unlike Dr. Moniwa whom I have never met. In truth, it is this world that makes us who we are,  and this world, truly, (Just look around at injustices) is CRAZY for real. The problem with schizophrenia especially is that to have been taught ONLY hatred when they Love anyone. Psychosis are actually super fun! When there is no hatred, HOPE is on the arisen for healing. The vow to equanimity has been done in my case for eternity , even, yes, in my past lives as Judy Garland. FURY was my temptation and my liberation. WISDOM deep of my mother was the saving grace to heal. LOVE is the ONLY, the ONLY , the ONLY thing that makes any ANY sense on any point in anywhere in the whole universe.