Do they accept the fact that some of their patients have more experience then them?

Are they arrogant and think they know better than real wisdom of the heart?

Do they believe breaking property is a sign of mental illness or of therapy?

I must emphazise that this OBSESSION with NOT damaging anything that is innanimate in pshychiatry is FASCISM. And yes, cops in times of war love it.

Breaking things is SUPER HEALING. I believe you can pay for that very precious therapy in Japan when you are rich. There is ABSOLUTELY no need to make breaking property a sign of mental illness. Even Freud  loved to break his patients noses, Dr. Moniwa and he raped ALL his favourite female patients. DR. Moniway: stop it. You truly are foolish right now. Did Freud do right by breaking truly his favourite crazy's nose over and over again? Think not, hear your heart. Then break your computer darling without any hatred whatsoever.