I have been up for about 30 hours after spending the whole week sleeping up to 10 hrs per night: I am filled with juice from all the sleep during the past week! French music from the 60's and 70's is playing on the French Radio Canada radio. From France: Alain Delon, George Brassens, Francoise Hardy, Valiquette (from Quebec, same period) etc.

It seems today from listening to Radio Canada that the romantic idea of quebec nationalism for my french canadian generation is a concept of living with little and being happy no matter, happy go lucky and no need for bling. Yes, the nationalist movement was at its height in those years: the hippy years, which have left an indelible romantic past image for my generation.  My generation's nationalism sounds like it is all about the bohemian lifestyle and peace and love. This is what I get from listening to musicians who are very popular in Quebec right now talk about the radio culture in quebec and their own musical choices and the songs they identified as 'patriotic' (La vie en roses by Gilles Valiquette) etc etc.  The French canadian popular singer interviewed sounded like she was beween 25 and 35 years old.

Dreamers who just missed out on the peace and love years of their parents!

P.S. I am a quebecoise, and also a french canadian from quebec,  and raised unilingual French Canadian. I started speaking and reading and writing in English at 17 years old, at school.