Original paintings, drawings and chapbooks in French and in English

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Lilou Volage (writer and artist)

I  have an inactive website for some of my 2016 work at paintingthewaltzingsnow.tumblr.com and I am active on Facebook as Lilou Volage, writer and artist, since 2018. 

Publications in Poetry journals-‘The Sunday market’, ‘The Brick’ and ‘ Careless whispers’ in The F Word, Vol. II November 2014, Montréal, Qc (McGill University)-‘The Ape-Woman’ in NOD Magazine, October 2014 , Calgary, AB Canada-Vallum Poetry magazine Twitter Haiku contest winner 2012

I also have been publishing since April 2015 small limited edition chapbooks in French, English and in translation:

The Flowers (floating) in your bloodstream (1st and 2nd edition and upcoming 3rd version) 
The Ready Room and La Salle de Lecture (on sale on Etsy in 2015, 2016. In 2018, for sale  as a bilingual book with 11 artwork reproductions by Lilou)
Le Bestiaire d’une enfance (en collaboration avec Mivil Deschênes (illustrations))

Art Exhibits and contests

-Finalist for ROOM poetry magazine cover (2018)

-The NWA Gallery, New Westminster, BC February and March 2019

-The Network Hub, Qay, New Westminster, British ColumbiaDecember 7th 2018- February 2019 

Personal and professional websites

-http:// paintingthewaltzingsnow.tumblr.com (for art and poetic prose) (2016)

-Twitter: @streakingbeat (for environmental and animal rights activism) (2012-2019)

-Facebook:Lilou Volage (since 2018) (mostly artwork and blog)


Each chapbook* is written: nine in English, three poetry books in French, three books of short fiction in French ( an author's translation of A lovely apartment, The Gigantic bowl and Planet Yland)  and  a bilingual book (French-English edition loosely translated and more as a play on character in each language now SOLD OUT).  

Livres et traductions en français
Le fleuve sans bouche: poésie de longue haleine (French poetry) (being reworked currently)
Les fleurs dans tes veines (poetry in French)
Le bol gigantesque (littérature jeunesse/ science fiction)
Un charmant appartement ( nouvelle / in French) 
La planète Yland (science fiction/ in French)
Un livre songeur - Je parle car j'ai le mot (poetry in French)  

Books and original versions in English
The Thorn Bush (youth story)(NFS anymore)
The Gigantic bowl (science fiction/fantasy youth story)
A lovely apartment (short fiction) 
Poem to a New Zealander and other stories for cronies (three short stories)
Planet Yland (science fiction/fantasy)
A book of musings - I talk because I can (poetry)
The flowers in your bloodstream (2nd edition: poetry in English) (NFS anymore)
Luck is a puck on the back of a duck: and other such illustrations of our World by Nadia Ferland (DIGITAL ONLY)
Blood samples (DIGITAL ONLY)

I hope you partake and gulp the words down with tea or a  beer, one  sunset evening in your part of the world.

Each chapbook contains reproductions of my artwork except in The Gigantic bowl (French and English versions), Le fleuve sans bouche***, Les fleurs dans tes veines  and A lovely apartment. There are  four colour work reproductions  in Poem to a New Zealander, four photoshopped reproductions of artwork in colours  in The Thorn Bush***, two colour  work reproductions in Planet Yland (French and English version) and  11 colour illustrations in La Salle de Lecture/The Ready Room**.   There are 5 illustrations in both versions of A book of musings (poetry).  All the art work is by Lilou Volage except the original pictures on The Gigantic bowl, Le bol gigantesque and Le fleuve of the crow bird, the Douglas squirrel and the blue heron bird  by my hubby (which were however artistically altered and photoshopped by Lilou). I do not remember who took the picture of the flowers in Les fleurs dans tes veines, hubby or me.

*All books are PRINT ON DEMAND except if noted explicitly otherwise in the details of the particular listing

**The Ready Room/La Salle de Lecture is SOLD OUT.

***These books are no longer currently for sale

The chapbooks have all been written between 2010 and 2019. The oldest are  A lovely apartment (2012), The thorn bush (2010) , Planet Yland (2015) and The gigantic bowl (2015).

The recent French translation of Planet Yland into La planète Yland and The Gigantic bowl into Le bol gigantesque as well as A lovely apartment into Un charmant appartement are all dated 2019. 

In 2018, The flowers floating in your bloodstream was printed and made available on etsy.  A French translation by the author in September and October 2019  called Les fleurs dans tes veines that  counts 23 poems which represent 10 years of work in their final collected state in French is now available .

Everything including the artwork drawings, photos and paintings and writings on this site and on etsy.com are copyrighted to the author artist and her assigned descendants