Portraits of a dance: a gallery

ART BRUT-ABSTRACT-CONTEMPORARY           acrylics, watercolours, charcoal  and mixed media

Self portrait: Auntie by L.V 2018

Portrait of the Karmapa (17th) as a duck

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama by Lilou Volage 2018

Cover of A book of musings charcoals and photoshop 2019

Peace on the lake Mom swan and baby swan acrylics 2018

Excerpt from The Ready Room & La salle de lecture

Black marker and coloured pencils, 2018

The hug, drawing in marker and coloured pencils 2018

Haiku winner of Vallum poetry magazine's Haiku contest 2012 on twitter

Fish Dinner (for Xmas Eve), December 2019

The flowers floating in your bloodstream, pastels and charcoals, 2018

Altar-shrine to Jerry the Holy Dog and our pets, 2015 onwards

Untitled, pencils and black marker, 2018

Charcoals and pastels, 2018

Bodhisattva and man in the belly of a whale who hears the dhamma and becomes enlightened, December 2019

Mama by the window, December 2019

Guru Rinpoche Charcoal and pastels 2018

Japanese Noh Charcoal 2018

The Man in the Sky Charcoal 2018

Mama Bear Charcoal 2018

Pastels 2018

Déjeuner avec Amar 2018

close up of Three holy men and a llama February 2019

close up of Three holy men and a llama February 2019

Untitled January 2019

Close up of On the boat

Tourist with a fishnet 2018

Annie and Patricio 2018

Come sunshine, come Mixed media: acrylics, charcoal and pastels on Kraft paper 2019

Blue man watercolours

Close up of Suns festival

Close up of Go sunshine as woman lies down

Close up of Untitled January 2019

Untitled January 2019


Close up of The two sisters

Close up of View of a cat/ with a cat

While praying to Jesus

Looking through the fence

Gymnastics February 2019

Close up of The two sisters

Floral Yard watercolours

My city pastels

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