Portraits of a dance: a gallery

ART BRUT-ABSTRACT-CONTEMPORARY           acrylics, watercolours, charcoal  and mixed media

Aotearoa, 2018

My sister's pregnancies, 2018 pastels and charcoals, 18'' x 24"

The river bed, 2018

Antiquity, 2018. One of my very first charcoal. 18'' x 24''

Kissing on a lotus, 2018 18''x 24'' on thin paper

The bringer of light, 2018

The many visions of a saint, 2018

Two kids next door: Jesus and Mary 2018

L'ancêtre, 2018. Used for the 2015 cover of The thorn bush, a kid story written in 2010.

English tea for persian friends, 2018

Serpentine, 2018

A pleasant afternoon with amaretto, 2018

An indoor cat on a donut bed, 2018

The plant waterer 2018 charcoal on thin paper

Lemonade at the table, 2018

Untitled, 2018

Congo Forever, 2018 (from a memory of meeting a Congolese in Toulouse at 19)

Lemon and tartar, 2018

Camouflage, 2018

Young lotus lovers 2018

Embrace your nudity, 2018 pastels and charcoals 18'' x24''

Ross, My father in law, 2018 charcoal (18''x 24'')

Self portrait, 2018, pastels and charcoals (18'' x24'')

Jesus, pastels and charcoal, 2018 (18'' x24'')

Kalsang taming the sound, 2018 (18'' x 24'')

Glover or Childish Gambino, 2019 (18'' x 24'')

Untitled, pastels and charcoal, 2018 or 2019 (18'' x 24'')

Self portrait: Auntie by L.V 2018

Portrait of the Karmapa (17th) as a duck

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama by Lilou Volage 2018

Peace on the lake Mom swan and baby swan acrylics 2018

Black marker and coloured pencils, 2018

Haiku winner of Vallum poetry magazine's Haiku contest 2012 on twitter

Altar-shrine to Jerry the Holy Dog and our pets, 2015 onwards

Charcoals and pastels, 2018

Mama by the window, December 2019

Guru Rinpoche Charcoal and pastels 2018

Japanese Noh Charcoal 2018

The Man in the Sky Charcoal 2018

Déjeuner avec Amar 2018

Untitled January 2019

Annie and Patricio 2018

Blue man watercolours


While praying to Jesus

My city pastels

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