Now food says the cats should eat 3 quarters of the cup a day if fed only that. They eat about a third each i thought....A handful is about a quarter cup of now. I have to research this....3 quarter cup a day each plus half a can of wet food or a whole snappy tom one is too much....By the way, i never gave them 3 quarter cup of Now food or any food...just a handful twice a hardy eat half a cup of dry and almost a whole snappy tom a day. That is too much I suspect: he looks like he is gettg fatter even! i may of course put him on low cal. 


This is the VCA animal hospitals site I found on cat food and cats feeding in general. It also said on the web that with dry food, cats can have up to 12-20 meals a day. The dry food is not available all day here.

VCA canadian animal hospitals LINK