Today I have received in my hot little hand the last printed book project of the year: Poems of a late evening in the Fall. The quality of this print book is exceptional and I do not foresee it being for sale before at least a decade (if I go by the speed at which the other books have all been written from day one to final production and selling on this shop site The Poetry Dervish). 

The two last printed book projects of 2019: Les fleurs dans tes veines (The flowers floating in your bloodstream in the original English version) and Poems of a late evening in the Fall

Poems of a late evening in the Fall was first written about two weeks ago within one week. It is a good first draft of poetry in English. It was written over sleepless nights designed for such inspirational sitting and written word. It speaks of war, love, patience, a cat, imagination and many other things of this era.