In 2016, i discovered the japanese short prose + haiku form of haibuns from a Danish fellow artist and haiku writer. When I learned a traditional theme for that form of writing was travels, I got inspired to retell some of the last and marking travels I had done from 8 to 30 years old. 

This is a facsimile and it includes one typo in Mundy Press name on the original document left in the 2nd edition printing. The paper is glossy inside so the floral arrangements in artistic photographs look even better (one photograph per haibun, side by side on 2 pages). There are  seven haibuns and seven photographs of floral arrangements. The book is 20 pages.

It is a very simple theme and book. I have tried to keep the printing of it reflecting this zennish fact by omitting a colorfoul cover. Hint: the colour is inside.

I do not plan to have this book on print on demand. I am printing 10 copies and that is a collectable as such: no more copies are predicted to be printed. get yours soon! I plan to have it for sale (what copies are left after the usual give aways of free copies)  by October 2019 for 10$ + shipping.

I give you two of the seven haibuns in the book. Want more? Pass an order by emailing me.

UPDATE AUGUST 2019: The edited (punctuation all corrected) version for this edition is ready to go to press. It looks really good and I even got help from an editor graphic designer who adjusted some text.