I worked from last evening to 6h30am on the translation into French of The flowers floating in your bloodstream which was on sale here ever since it got massively printed (50 copies) in 2018 I believe.  The last edition was submitted to the excellent press Gooselane Edition which turned the book down for now.  As it is, the collection of my 2010-2019 ramblings online and elsewhere  called The flowers floating in your bloodstream needs a massive rework especially on  complexity of vocabulary and the usual punctuation issues I have with commas. Maybe something down the line. For now, the text is actually being re-massaged and re-worked  (with clearer intent) while being translated into French as Les fleurs dans tes veines.  

I give you here one of the tentative art work cover I came up with for the book (while taking an artistic break from writing).  The image used is a mixed media watercolours and charcoal I worked to death on last year to the point of kind of having destroyed it a bit. It is a nice piece however. There is a similar design I drew in charcoal and pastels on a 18'' x 24'' vellum sheet of paper. This last artwork on vellum paper was used for the cover of The flowers floating in your bloodstream (version in English).